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Fitness Takes a New Bounce

Meet the Kamagon Ball, a breakthrough product in sports performance solutions, the next step in the evolution of fitness training. Not the workout fad du jour, but the first product in the next wave of functional, focused fitness. The Kamagon Ball's hydro-inertia delivers superior efficiency and results - for weekend warriors or extreme athletes.

Cutting edge, safer than current equipment, made in the USA, and the secret is, just add water.

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Latest News

KamagonĀ® Ball Water Actions


These five water actions and exercises are the perfect place to start learning more about the Kamagon® Ball.

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Technology for Interval Training


To be fully engaged in your class or workout, you need some additional timing help, especially when executing timed intervals.

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Turning Toys into Tools!


Let’s face it – new equipment can definitely bring a breath of fresh air into your facility or programs.

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Training For Your Best Mud Run Ever


The best part of participating in a mud run is that it challenges every single aspect of fitness. The worst part of training for a mud run is that you have to challenge every single aspect of fitness! 

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